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Some scripts for the collectd-exec plugin:

Put the desired scripts into /etc/collectd, allow execution using "chmod +x".
REMEMBER; These scripts are not meant to be run as-is. First Edit their
contents to set up correct devicenames (these scripts use mela-n2.olsr,
mela-o2.olsr, etc.) and ip-adresses.
Add the scripts in Luci (statistics -> setup -> general plugins -> exec),
remember to provide a full path (e.g. /etc/collectd/assocs)
Remember that you have to download and install the collectd-mod-exec plugin
first and enable it by manually adding following lines to
	config statistics 'collectd_exec'
		option enable '1'

to see the plugins in action.

* assocs
Displays the amount of connected clients to each station and the number of
active DHCP leases on the core router.
Requires following script on the stations in "/www/cgi-bin/":
	echo -e "Content-type: text/plain\n"
	iwinfo wlan0-dhcp-2 assoclist|grep ago|wc -l

* devicestats
Displays, if the devices are reachable via the network by passing a HTTP query
to them (used for 5Ghz devices that have the original firmware running).

* olsrneighbours
Displays the amount of OLSR connections to specific devices (for 5Ghz devices
with original firmware as well)