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Please create a backup of your configuration first, esp. when using the package!
It is unlikely to break things, but one never knows :)


The Freifunk Hedy-1.0.0-image displays incorrect values for disabled APs, e.g.
"SSID" and "mode" contain wrong values.

There is a workaround for this (see tm-fix-wifi-display.patch), but the patch
is ugly, incomplete and doesn't affect many users. That's why we decided to not
include it, but to keep our sources clean.

To apply the change, you can modify "/usr/lib/lua/luci/model/network.lua"
according to the patch file.

Or install it as a dummy-package in LuCI "System"->"Software" ("Paketverwaltung"):
In the input box ("Download and install package") enter
and press "OK".
To revert the changes, just uninstall the package.